Defi Dayne


Defi Dayne

Defi Dayne (aka Tay Dayne) is an all around creative from New York City. Weaving jazz and soul vibes into his 3 solo eps and 15 collaborative projects (as “Revenge of the Truence”) Defi utilizes his talents to drop gems and share experiences.


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Defi Dayne


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December 15, 2022

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Holder of the Golden Bear Mic

Defi Dayne

Kodiak Club

Affiliation:  Founder
Established:  2022


Kodiak Pack

The Kodiak Pack is an ancient and respected order known for its strength and unwavering passion. Its members are often well-traveled and short-tempered, and it is said that they originate from the Himalayan Mountains. The leader of the Kodiak Pack holds the golden Bear Mic, imbued with the spirit of the bear and granting its holder incredible physical strength and endurance. These powers have made the Kodiak Pack one of the most formidable crews in the world, as its members are able to stand up to any challenge and emerge victorious. The Kodiak Pack is known for its loyalty and its fierce determination, always standing up for what it believes in and protecting its allies. The members of the Kodiak Pack are proud of their heritage and are always ready to defend their territory and their leader, who holds the powerful Bear Mic.